A deposit is required to hold/reserve a kitten and we offer discounts on kittens that are paid in full.
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TYLER: Lilac Bicolor Male Ragdoll Kitten $3200

Selma and Tarrant’s litter born January 20th

These will be ready to go home in March / April.


We have litters planned for the Spring.  These kitties will go home in the Summer 

If you would like to join our waitlist, contact us at 850-218-9834


These girls can go home after their spay, call us for details!! 850-353-1307

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Reserving one of our Ragdoll Kittens

To reserve a kitten, you just need to let us know which kitten you are interested in and we will get them ready for pick up in our Santa Rosa Beach home.  We can also arrange to deliver your baby to you using our Pet Nanny delivery service. All of the kittens are friendly, purring machines and will make great companions.  The ‘Ready Now’ kittens weigh between 3-5 pound kittens.  This is the proper size to take them home so they can transition easily to their new environment. They are the ideal size for children to handle.  The Ragdoll cat is a large breed cat and in such the boys can grow up to 22 pounds (boys) so 3-5 pounds is a baby for them.  We also now offer neutering services for kittens four months of age or older.

Call or text us for more information on this service.

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We require a 50% deposit to reserve a Florida Ragdoll Kitten

$200 is deducted off the listed price if you pay in full when you select your baby

Delivery dates vary depending on size of the individual kitten and litter. Size of litter can affect the mother’s overall milk supply, and they may have a hard time weaning off of their mothers. There are many factors that contribute to the growth of the kitten so we treat them as individuals and they go home when it is right. Small does not mean sick, but they do need more time in the nest, just like human babies, they start small but grow big. We prefer that they leave weighing around 3-4 pounds.

** Baby Ragdolls need 12 weeks with their mothers and here is why:

Below is a chart showing the traditional Ragdoll colors and  markings shown as babies and how they look as adults. There are COLORS: variations of ‘blue’ like lilac/lavender and variations of Seal like Chocolate. And there are MARKINGS: Bicolor, Colourpoint and Mitted Colourpoint. These are the most traditional colors and markings. 

We sell our Ragdoll babies primarily as pets so many of our breeder mamas are ‘minks’ (meaning they are born the color they will ultimately become) and have golden or aquamarine eyes. We also offer ‘show quality’ Ragdolls and the colors below are the traditional breed standards.

Bicolors are HALF WHITE with the white nose (and that open white V on the forehead)

Colourpoints have COLOR on their points (ears, nose, tail and feet)

‘Mitted’ just means their feet are white but they are still a colourpoint because bicolors have white legs and underbelly. 

If you are interested in showing, here is a link for the Cat Fanciers’ list of Ragdoll breed standards. We have show quality cats but it is up to the individual showman to find out what is required for the type of shows that you plan to attend. We sell SBT designated cats which are generally able to be shown. But you need to check on that!

Call or text if you have any questions

Cell: 850-218-9834