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Ragdolls are friendly and affectionate with each other and their people


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Lola is a Black and White Solid Bicolor Ragdoll and she has babies now

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We raise our Texas Ragdolls in a clean, loving home environment with room to roam with dogs, cats, chickens, cows, and horses.  We recently moved the farm to a ten acre ranch in Justin, Texas, where our Texas Ragdoll babies are held and socialized from day one. They are allowed to climb and play in and outside of their ‘nest’ at their leisure (once they are big enough). 

We are always available to answer any questions you may have before or after you purchase a Texas Ragdoll. Our top priority is to find our ragdoll kittens a permanent and loving home.  We breed selectively to produce beautiful, fluffy and friendly Ragdolls of only the best quality in health and temperament. All of our babies are raised in close contact with our family and they are treated with round the clock care and love until they are ready to make the big move to your home. Our kittens are exposed to normal household sounds and even dogs so that they are well socialized before they leave. We believe this naturalistic approach to raising these Ragdoll kittens is reflected in their temperament and our buyers agree. They love their humans! When your babies go home they will be happy and healthy plus very comfortable with being loved. They will adjust quickly & easily to your home and will be your little buddy for life. 

Our boy Wally, a Mitted Seal Colourpoint at one year old was fed nothing but dry food by

TLC Cat Food! We recommend you keep them on the same food for a year.

He is happy to watch nature shows or sports with you day and night… 

We offer mostly pets but can accommodate show alter and show breeder buyers as well, although we need to be aware of this in the beginning of the process in order to best select the kitten which will accomplish your goals. Although we do not show our Ragdolls, many of our Texas Ragdolls could be of show quality with all of the proper care and steps. We breed kittens for pets. Because we have a limited number of show/breeder* quality kittens each season we advise putting you on a waiting list as early as possible to secure your Texas Ragdoll Kitten or kittens as Ragdoll coloration develops as they age, showing involves buying multiple cats at times. It is a whole different world!! We will help you to find the color/markings/size of Ragdoll kitten that you are looking for. 

*Application/contract, plus additional breeding rights fees apply. Please call to inquire. 

For more information on reserving one of our gorgeous babies, call/text 682-262-7355 

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Space Cats on Mars?? 



We respond to texts and emails throughout the process so you can be assured your baby is progressing.  We send pictures to you frequently of your Ragdoll baby so you can watch them grow.

We use filtered water for all of our cats and kittens and recommend you do the same once they are home. 

Our breeder Sires and Queens are all TICA registered. We send out blue slips to you once we receive proof of spay from you. Neuter can occur anytime after 4 months.

We offer an additional $200 discount when buying a 2nd kitten because they are much more fun in pairs! This can be applied to a future litter as well.  Ask for details.


We can have our pet nanny fly your baby to you under the seat if you can’t get to DFW

We are centrally located 8 miles from Dallas/Ft Worth airport and can fly your Texas Ragdoll anywhere without much discomfort.  We are offer Pet Nanny services for $50 anywhere in the Dallas metroplex and we can fly your baby out to any major airport in the United States for an additional fee. You are responsible for the airfare and the fee for taking the baby on the plane, and we will pay the pet nanny. They will have safe passage and our personal care every step of the way til they are safely delivered to you. This service is less expensive the farther out you plan, so please let us know in advance. Call or text inquiries to 682-262-7355.


We sell Ragdolls in All Fifty States! And we can have a Pet Nanny carry them to you.

New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

What’s New!

  • For a quick glimpse at our new arrivals go to: our Available Kitten Page and sign up for email alerts.

  • Contact Us about placing a deposit for the ‘Pick of the Litter’ of a future litter.  We take them in the order they are received and we charge a $200 advance option deposit for picks from upcoming litters.  Call for details.

    Call or text to schedule a visit: 682-262-7355

    Go to our Available Ragdoll Kitten Page to see our Babies!!

We think they make a great pet and are great company!  They can even handle a house with dogs.  Watch Owen boxing with our Chihuahua, Charlie


More Info @ Available Ragdoll Babies>

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